How to know that your business needs digital marketing and what are the basic steps required to start digital Marketing.

Why is digital marketing important for business now a day?

There is a simple answer to this because there are a lot of business opportunities online and you may benefit those easily by digital marketing, it may help you to increase your target consumer, without it your business may be losing a great opportunity. Today every business rely on digital technology, using digital online marketing you can target consumers based on geographic and time zone criteria.

First you need to understand how your customers are attached to the digital technology so that you can use the same channels to force you strategy to get the market of your business from them, or whether your business or product is eligible for digital marketing, for example, if you are a farmer and you want to increase your business using digital marketing then it is of no use to you, but is you have a restaurant than digital marketing is perfect for you, you can promote your business by using websites, applications, there are already so many consumers who are using these channels for research, information, and purchasing needs.

There are two conditions by which you can decide whether your business is suited for digital marketing or not.

Is your consumers are using the digital technology for the research and purchases.

First, you need to find that whether your consumers are using digital technology, if yes then you must use the same for the growth of your business, And if not then there is no need for using digital marketing for your product this is as simple as that.

Is my brand, business, services can be promoted online if there are no consumers searching for it online.

To answer this question you need to ask yourself whether is there is any chance that my product can be promoted online in the first place, But if you provide the best user online interaction of the product then there might be chance that you can create a market for your product and also will be the first to acquire the business through digital marketing but also there is a risk factor involved in it, This entirely depends on your market digital strategy and your online user experience.

To make your digital marketing strategy  is not the same for all the businesses, every business has its own unique strategy, for example a cloth retailer marketing strategy, is different from a manufacturer of some machine, they both have their entirely different digital channels and strategy, so to make a working strategy, you first need to understand your business, or you may take the help of the expert in that particular areas, or the people how knows your business well.

So now if you have decided to make digital marketing strategy you need to go through the foundation of making the digital marketing Strategy.

First and foremost is always know your business

Is it suitable to acquire the changes to promote your business online, like you have to implement some process in your business for that, does your staff is comfortable with that, do you have the right technology skills at the first place to carry out the process? If yes then how you are going to change those factors in future.

Know your competition.

Is your offline competitors are also using the digital technology to promote products? If yes then you need to note down in how many areas where they are lagging behind so that you can take advantage of those areas, to get ahead of them.

And also remember if you are entering the online marketing you will face not only the local competitor but also the global competitors so don’t limit your analysis to the local competitor only.

Know your consumer

Know your consumer based on sex, age group, etc, what they are expecting from you in terms of services that you are providing. How your consumer is using digital technology, and what digital technology they are using, for example like website, applications, particular blogs, forum, or Google searches YouTube. So that you can use the same technologies for marketing your products and also you can maintain the good relationship with them in future.

Know your targets

If you are using digital marketing you need to have specific targets and goals that you want to achieve, whether you want the online sale to increase, or you just want to create awareness of your brand, or else you want to take some lead. You need to know your goals if you are entering into the digital marketing.

Measure your progress

Digital marketing has its own advantage over offline marketing, we can measure the progress in it easily, like what percentage of the conversions we are having, how many clicks we are getting from that particular ad, which digital platform is giving more sales and lead than the other.

But always remember that digital marketing is all about the people connecting with one another, the technology is just medium that we are using to get through.

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