How to prepare for SSC CGL exam without coaching.

This article is for those SSC aspirants who want to crack the SSC examination without coaching.

If you are a B-tech student you can easily crack the math and reading portion of the SSC but have to do extra hard work for GK and English , however if your not from the science maths background,  don’t loose hope you just have to give some  extra effort to the math and general intelligence first to compete with b tech students , then you will get the advantages in the English and GK, generally b tech students lag behind in English as compare to the others students.

SSC exam is not tough like IIT, IAS, CAT, but the competition level and the number of students fighting per seat is huge, which makes the exam difficult to crack, and some time needs more than one attempts, but if someone followed the right strategy from the beginning, for that SSC can be cracked in the first attempt, or at least he can get a non interview job for sure in the first attempt.

Mathe Preparation Tips:

To crack the math portion all you need is practice, there is been a scientific study that if someone practices a skill for 1000 hours he become the master of that skill.

However there are some shortcut techniques to solve the questions in math, but you have to do practice using those techniques to apply them smoothly in the exam.

The basic concept clarity all matters in the end, if a small variation occurs in a question type to which you have practiced the shortcut technique you will get confused and waste your time in the exam, so basic concept clarity is very important.

Solve maximum varieties of questions, multiple time

For example, if you are solving a Kiran publication book, don’t just solve all the questions just one time, but solve different varieties of questions multiple time, like attempt the book three to four time but solve only different varieties of questions.

Last year papers are very important for the preparation, SSC patterns of questions are the same since the last decade, some few changes have been made, you will find that SSC repeats so many questions from the last year papers.

Consistency is the result try to solve at least one question paper of math daily, this will build up your confidence and also track your preparation.

Speed is very essential to crack the exam, which can only be achieved by repetitive practice of the questions.

if you asked from the toppers, almost all the toper of ssc matches have done the rigorous practice of the different questions.








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